The Journey to Q-Audit

June 5, 2017

Henry Ford once said that “you can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

That’s why we’ve built ours on our record.

We have been operating as auditors for the New Zealand healthcare sector since 1993, under the name Health Audit NZ. During that time we’ve earned a reputation we’re incredibly proud of; as a respected authority on the complex standards which govern the health, medical and care industry.

Re-branding was not a decision we took lightly. However, we felt that it was high time that our name truly reflected who we are.

We aren’t simply an auditing group that ticks boxes or stamps documentation. We are committed to quality and collaboratively creating real and positive systemic change within the organisations that we work with.

We continually innovate and have embraced digital technologies to disrupt and strengthen the auditing process.

Health has entered the digital age, and we can help organisations across the health ecosystem leverage technology and digital innovations to improve the quality of care.

Hence, our journey has led us to becoming Q-Audit.

The ‘Q’ stands for our promise of being ‘Purveyors of Quality’. You will notice it stands above –AUDIT in our new logo, which denotes its importance in the hierarchy of our core mission. The strong typeface creates an authoritative presence.

The blue symbolises the trust that we have built through our years of experience. Our values define who we are.

We demonstrate integrity, respect and teamwork.

We have energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead.

We build relationships based on doing the right thing.

Our exciting new website design reflects our dynamic commitment to change and innovation. The safety of our communities depends on the healthcare sector functioning at peak efficiency. Working with organisations to ensure they comply with the relevant standards is an important way of supporting them and the people they serve.

We look forward to continuing our journey as Q-Audit and deepening our connection with the New Zealand healthcare sector.