Medical Offices and Rooms

Managing Medical Rooms

Medical offices and rooms are no less-regulated than larger-scale health organisations. Medical practitioners that are licensed to carry out procedures during routine appointments and day surgeries who want to become Southern Cross Affiliated Partners or showcase the high-quality service they deliver must adhere to NZS 8165 – Office/Rooms – Based Surgery and Procedures Standard.

If you are managing Medical Rooms or a day surgery, you will be aware of the importance of maintaining efficient organisational systems as a core component of providing excellent service.

The Q-Audit team are able to identify where there are gaps in an organisation’s performance against this standard, and make recommendations that are fit for the purpose of your organisation.

In addition, Q-Audit are an Affiliated Provider with Southern Cross Health Society and are therefore approved to provide auditing, compliance and certification services to providers delivering care to Southern Cross Health Society customers.

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