Urgent Care Clinics

Accident Proof Clinics

Urgent Care Clinics deal with sudden calamities every day. Which is why it is integral that these organisations are prepared to handle anything and to also prevent – or tackle – any internal problems.

This sector is governed by UCS – Urgent Care Standard. This standard is generally aligned with NZS 8134, the Health & Disability Services Standard, which is the cornerstone standard for general practices. However, the UCS has been specifically designed by the urgent care sector for the urgent care sector.

It is an outcome-based service standard and focuses on the key requirements for delivery of high-quality urgent care in an urgent care clinic, with reference made to management system requirements. Achieving RNZCUC–endorsed certification to the UCS is a rigorous undertaking that requires service providers to demonstrate robust urgent care processes within appropriate clinic facilities and to achieve safe and quality outcomes for service users. Q-Audit is approved by the Royal College of Urgent Care (RNZCUC) as a UCS auditing and certification agency. Q-Audit is the only certification body that meets the ACC as well as JAS-ANZ accreditation requirements for the auditing and certification of this service.

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