Gap Analysis

Mind the Gap

If there’s a hole – we’ll find it. A gap analysis is a readiness assessment of your organisation’s management systems and procedures in meeting the requirements of a specific standard. It helps identify any gaps or problem areas early for you to address prior to undertaking an external audit.

A gap analysis is mainly a document review and/or an evidence review activity, evidence which usually will come in the form of a record or document. During a gap analysis, only very minor auditing is done. Instead, key process owners or project stakeholders provide evidence that they have met the requirements of a standard, contract or funder’s agreement.

Gap analysis is often conducted at the beginning of an organisation’s journey seeking compliance to a set of contractual specifications or a standard. However, it may also be conducted after some development of processes for achieving compliance to a standard has taken place. A good gap analysis can be a very powerful tool providing an organisation with a detailed report of where the major gaps exist between the company’s documentation and the specified requirements. Basically, if an organisation wants to know where the holes are, and get feedback about its next steps, then Certification Audit.

Gap analysis services are not available for Ministry of Health NZS 8134:2008 clients.

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